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We’re always looking for new content relating to “cloud computing”, “enterprise software” or “business computing”. Send your content to content@enterprisefeatures.com . If I use your article, I’ll be sure to credit your company in the byline and give you an SEO link.

Article Submission Guidelines

My audience mainly consists of business managers, IT decision makers and other IT professionals. I’m always open to content which appeals to this audience.

If you’d like to submit an article, it should be at least 700 words in length and free of typos. It should be information-dense, and non-promotional.

The author will get a promotional blurb at the end of the article, with a link back to their site.

I particularly like content which is entertaining, highly opinionated or controversial. I also like content which could be considered linkbait.

If you have any doubts about whether your proposed topic would qualify for inclusion, please contact me in advance before writing the piece.



Good news everyone! Now, you can set up a contributor account and post your guest articles, bylines and thought-leadership pieces directly to the blog. Click here to sign up as a guest contributor.



Here is a modified snippet from a recent column that I wrote for another blog, I think this will really help:

You should stay away from over-worked topics. At least once a month, someone sends me a guest article about “What is cloud computing”, “Why you should purchase a CRM” or something similar. Topics that are boring, generic, over-done, or too promotional never make good guest content.

However, I can give you a piece of advice on how to write exciting content that will attract readers. Take a piece of news that is very relevant to your blog’s niche, and add a controversial opinion which goes against the accepted mainstream views of that blog’s audience.

For example:

  • 10 Reasons Why Linux Desktops Are Garbage, And Will Never be Good For Business
  • Microsoft Surface Crashed At The Demo, But It’s Still Better Than iPad
  • Why CRM Will Be Obsolete In 5 Years
  • 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Employees Work From Home
  • Why I Think The Patriot Act Is Good For The IT Industry
  • What The Cloud Computing Industry Can Learn From The ___________ Scandal

These are all examples of topics which would make very interesting themes for guest articles.

Controversial opinions are scary to many people. And rightly so! But you know what? Controversy sells. It attracts eyeballs and gets people talking about you.

Life is too short to do generic things that don’t matter. So take a risk and speak your mind.

But controversy alone is not enough to get your post noticed and published. It also has to be backed up by intelligent arguments and deep insight that can only come from having been involved in an industry for many years.

The whole column is very good, and definitely worth reading.


Still confused? Contact me and ask me for topic ideas. I’ve got plenty to share.

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